In the past few centuries, the region of the modern-day Czech Republic has been the center for the production of artistic glassware and Jewelry.
The “Czech” masters excel in their level of professionalism and remain faithful to the unique tradition of these specific types of craftsmanship’s, which has become rare in the contemporary world.
The perfection and the quality of their work is unique. "Czechia" is primarily the result of an impeccable and inimitable Art. Their "Art" hit the most exquisite admirers and collectors.
"Carlo Quatro" offers you a truly unique work of art. "Carlo Quatro" first of all stands for an impeccable result and inimitable products.
”A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”
- Outstanding customer service.
- THE BEST place in Prague to buy 100% authentic Bohemian crystal glassware.
- We are passionate about our products and we know everything there is to know about Bohemian crystal.
- Here is top quality crystal made in the Czech Republic… and first class service.
- The shop doesn’t stock just one brand – you have a choice of several top brands so you can compare them - and take your time to hear about the differences from experts.
- If you're looking for quality crystal, this is the place


You can purchase your items during your trip in Prague and we will deliver them directly to your Hotel. You can continue enjoy your Prague trip without any bags in your hand, we will deliver your shopping from CARLO QUATRO to your Hotel on the time you decided.
As there are several tens of thousands of products made in the Czech Republic, CARLO QUATRO selection it’s the truly best-known, most important and most interesting products. We offer products exclusively manufactured in the Czech Republic.
CARLO QUATRO wide selection of products vary from traditional to the most exclusive products, with highest quality and brilliance. The great advantage of Bohemia Crystal Glass is the complexity and offer of not only products but also related services and complete customer service.
Our original products will be delivered to our customers with the Authenticity certificate. These Authenticity certificates confirm the product is produced HAND MADE in Czech Republic.
Shop the world, while we guide you through a unique Tax Free shopping experience. International travelers can enjoy savings of up to 19% when they shop Tax Free, making every trip unforgettable.
Shipping  tools and technologies its help us create efficiencies, centralize control, cut costs, and increase productivity. And with more flexibility and better insight, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re shipping the best way to you.
”A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

Radka Volhejnová

Owner Carlo Quatro