How Lead Crystal is Made

Posted by Radka Volhejnova on

Lead crystal stands out as one of the most traditional and beautiful choices for items ranging from decanters to clocks to awards.

At CARLO QUATRO, we love working with lead crystal because it adds unmistakable class to any product. It goes through an intricate process of transformation from raw material to finished piece that can only be completed by talented artisans.

It’s as durable as it is gorgeous, and we know that our clients love it.
Have you ever wondered, though, what sets lead crystal apart from regular old glass?

The simplest answer to the question lies in the name. Unlike other types of glass, this variety is manufactured using a lead oxide that adds durability and gives the finished product the warmth and sparkle for which it’s so well known.

Here at CARLO QUATRO, we love letting our clients in on the design process.
That means involving you in the product development process, and it also means providing you with great background information about materials.


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