Choosing the Right Glass

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Choosing the Right Glass

  • High Alcohol Content / Hard Liquor

A glass that is a smaller size is recommended to allow the alcohol to be sipped gradually.


  • Carbonated/ Sparkling Drinks

Tall, more narrow stemware is preferred as it enables the bubbles to travel mildly and aesthetically.
An exception is beer, which is normally served in a large glass such as a beer mug.


  • Alcohol with a featured Aroma and Taste

For alcohol with a distinctive aroma, such as wine, a rounder bowl and a slightly narrowed mouth is desired which allows the flavour to keep longer in the glass.


Major Glass Shapes and Uses

  • Liqueur Glass

The small shape is designed for the appreciation of the taste of straight liqueurs. Also used for Apéritifs and Sakes.


  • Red Wine Glass

Red wine is very diverse and the characteristics of each type of red wine are subtly different. For red wines with a complex taste and aroma, wine glasses with a bigger bowl are used in order to bring out the flavour.


  • White Wine Glass

White wine is generally served cold. Compared with a red wine glass, white wine glasses are usually smaller. This allows the wine to be chilled for longer, to remain crisp and clean in flavour and to keep the aroma from escaping.


  • Mug

Large beer mugs, as the name suggests, are traditionally used for serving beer. Smaller glass mugs are used for coffee, tea and are perfect for shochu as well.


  • Pilsner Glass

A traditional glass for serving beer as it enhances aromatic volatiles, showcases the appearance and allows room for the foamy head to sit atop the beer.


  • Champagne Flute

Champagne flutes are characterised by a long stem with a tall, narrow bowl on top. The narrow design allows the bubbles to travel aesthetically, giving a pleasant appeal.


  • Baloon Goblet

A medium to large stemmed glass mainly for serving water. A typical goblet has a volume between 240ml and 560ml. Goblets can also be used for serving beer or juice.


  • Champagne Saucer

A shallow, broad bowled champagne saucer is commonly used at parties and wedding receptions. It can also be used for soft drinks and certain cocktails.


  • Old Fashioned Tumbler

A short cylindrical tumbler used for serving whisky and other short drinks with ice cubes “on the rocks”.


  • Brandy Glass

The large tulip-shaped glass with a slightly narrowed mouth is designed to keep the aroma of the spirit. Serving volume is 300 ml for maximum enjoyment.


  • High Ball Tumbler

Tumblers are the most common form of glass drinkware. They can be used for all genres of beverages. Size ranges from 180ml to over


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